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Advisory Board Members

Mauricio Garcia is the President of Liberty Insurance Company Colombia (Liberty Mutual Company). He has been a senior executive of insurance companies such as the Skandia Insurance Company in Colombia. Mr. Garcia is an engineer by training.

Germán Ramirez received his Ed.D form Harvard University. He has been President of the University of the Americas in Chile and Vice-President of Product and Network Development at Laurate International Universities. Mr. Ramirez holds an, M.P.A from Spanish National Institute of Public Administration, as well as a Law and BBA degrees.

José Garrido received his PhD in Mathematics from the University of Waterloo. Currently he is the Graduate Program Director and Professor  of the Mathematics and Statistics at Concordia University, and he has been Director Actuarial Program. Dr. Garrido is a member of the Actuarial Society of Canada and with research interest in Risk Theory.

John S. Edwards received his PhD in Operations Research from Cambridge University. He is an Emeritus Professor of Operations Research and Information Systems and has been Dean of the Aston Business School in Birmingham. Dr. Edwards holds research interest in Knowledge Management.

Luis Fernando Estefan  is the Regional Director of Intercontinental Hotels for the Andean  Region, Central America and the Caribbean. Mr. Estefan holds a wealth of industry experience managing large hotel chains.  

Desmond Hall has over twenty-eight years of Property Management experience in the field of Housing. As a former General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of a multi-million dollar organization, he spearheaded the principles of Alternative Service Delivery into the merging of two large housing corporations. Currently, Mr. Hall is working in a teaching capacity in Ottawa, Canada after having worked in Mexico and South America. Mr. Hall holds a BA from Carleton University. 

Dennis Williams has over twenty-five years experience as a Manager in the Public Sector and  a Consultant. He has also worked as a National Training Program Manager and a Trade Policy Analyst and was closely involved in the implementation of Quality Management Programs in the Seafood Processing Industry. He has represented Canada in various capacities in Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and the United States. Mr. Williams holds a B.Sc. from memorial University.

Eduardo Rodriguez is the Principal of IQAnalytics, Mathematician, MBA, MSc Mathematics from Concordia University Canada, PhD in the field of Knowledge Management Aston Business School Aston University UK , Advanced Management Program McGill University Canada. Dr. Rodriguez has years of experience in strategic analysis, product development, credit analytics in insurance and banking. He is an international lecturer with many contributions to academic journals. Dr. Rodriguez' deep commitment to his profession has led him to publish four books in the field of risk and knowledge management.


Ali Emrouznejad holds a PhD in Operations Research and Systems form Warwick Business School UK, Dr. Emrouznejad is specialized in DEA Data Envelopment Analysis, Data Mining, Performance Management and Statistical Software. He has published several articles in the Journal of Operational Research Society, European Journal of Operations Research and much more. He is the author of the book Applied Operational Research with SAS. 

Gabriel Ramirez holds a PhD inManagement Learning and Knowledge in Organizations from Aston Business School UK. Dr. Ramirez is the Associated Editor of the Journal The Learning Organization. For many years he has worked as a researcher and consultant in various countries including Mexico, Chile, and Colombia. He is also part of the panel of experts that produces the World Competitiveness Yearbook.

Jorge Hernán Cardenas holds an MSc. in Management  from MIT as well as an MA in Economics from the University of Minnesota where he held a Fulbright scholarship. He has been the  Dean of Faculty of Business at Los Andes University. Mr. Cardenas has more than 10 years of experience in strategy management. 

Joel Muzard holds a PhD in Psycology he is a researcher in intellectual capital development and creator of the K-Language.

Fernando Camacho received a Ph.D. in Statistics from the University of Western Ontario.  He is a member of the American Statistical Association and the Canadian Statistical Society where he has served as a member of the Accreditation Committee and as President of the Business and Industrial Statistical Section.  He is also a member of the Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada Grant Selection Committee in Statistics Sciences (GSC-14) and a Visiting Lecturer at the University of Waterloo.

Russell Walker received a Ph.D. in Engineering Systems from Cornell University. He is Visiting Clinical Assistant Professor and Assistant Director of the Zell Center for Risk Research Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University. 

Ismael Oliva is an Associate Professor University of Chile in the field of Strategy. He holds an MBA from MIT. 

Manuel Morales holds a PhD in Mathematics from Concordia University. He is an Associate Professor University of Montreal where he conducts research in Financial Mathematics.

Gabriel Toichoa holds a PhD Applied Economics from the University of Minnesota. Dr. Toichoa has held various related positions in companies like Post Canada, Loyaltyone, and Cuets Financial.

Vilma Mesa holds a PhD in Mathematics Education from University of Georgia. Dr. Mesa is currently Assistant Professor and Research Scientist of Mathematics Education University of Michigan. 

Heliodoro Londoño holds anMBA Universidad de Los Andes and an Advanced Management Program IPADE. His is an engineering with many years of experience in top management positions in the technology industry

Members of the Board of Directors

Sebastian Rodriguez

Daniel Rodriguez

Zhouping Huang

Eduardo Rodriguez

IQAnalytics Inc. Staff

Sebastian Rodriguez: in charge of Qualitative Analytics and Communications

Daniel Rodriguez: in charge of Quantitative Analytics and Data Analysis  

Zhouping Huang: in charge of administration and support for Health Care Research 

Bogota Colombia Office Staff

Olga Jiménez Business Development Coordinator

Santiago Rodriquez Regional Manager

Strategic Alliances and Associations

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